“Rolling Thunder”


Rolling Thunder, from 1977, is a revenge picture starring William Devane as Major Charles Rane, a Vietnam POW that comes back to an America that has changed in his absence. In one of his first roles, Tommy Lee Jones plays Sergeant Johnny Vohden, a fellow POW who returns to the US with Major Rane. After they return, Major Rane is presented with 2000 silver dollars, one for each day of his absence. This leads to a robbery, some killing, and most importantly, REVENNNNNGE!!!!

For great low-budget action films, you can’t beat the 70s, and this movie is one of the decade’s high points. Devane is remarkable, and I also liked Linda Haynes as the gal that loves the Major. She reminded me a bit of Laura Linney. IMDB shows she stopped making films in the early 80s. Too bad.

Tommy Lee Jones is memorable in a smallish role. Oddly, he gets second billing, but Haynes appears in the movie much more. However, when it’s time for Jones to help the Major get bloody vengeance, HOLY CRAP.

I recorded Rolling Thunder on Tivo from TCM long ago, and finally got to watch it. It doesn’t appear to be on DVD, but if you can find it, grab it! If I can find a link, I’ll post it. This one is worth buying.


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