“Near Dark”, “Sisters”, and “Night Moves”


Near Dark, made in 1987, was the first film to put Kathryn Bigelow’s name on the map.  It’s a vampire film chockful of name actors in early appearances, including Bill Paxton and the Martian-like Adrian Pasdar.  Like all of Bigelow’s films, it’s an above average genre exercise that’s wildly overpraised because it was written and directed by an attractive woman.  Still, Near Dark is well worth seeing for Bill Paxton’s awesome overacting alone.  He’s a big ol’ hamball, and it’s fun to watch.

I haven’t seen a lot of early Brian DePalma, do I decided to do something about that.  Sisters was his first Hitchcock ripoff tribute, and it might be his best, even though I haven’t seen a lot of his other work.  I’m a boob.

Margot Kidder plays a French Canadian chick with a twin sister that’s KER-RAAZZZZYYYYY!!!!  As the crazy sister, it’s almost like Kidder is rehearsing for 20 years down the road, when she was found in LA pissing on somebody’s bushes.  This movie blew me away, and you should watch it and become a better person.  It’s bloody, it’s exciting, it’s filled with great visual flourishes (the split-screen sequences are awesome) . . . See the damn thing!

However, that wasn’t the best film I saw during this recent binge.  That belongs to Night Moves, a 1975 film noir by Arthur Penn.  Gene Hackman is great as Harry Moseby, a detective trapped in a mystery that only gets more bizarre as it goes on.  This would make a fantastic double feature with The Long Goodbye.  This may be one of the best screenplays ever written, and Gene Hackman’s hair is hilarious.  How hilarious?  I’m bald and I’m still making fun of it.

3 thoughts on ““Near Dark”, “Sisters”, and “Night Moves”

  1. There’s so much De Palma I haven’t seen – The Fury, Phantom of the Paradise, Blow-Out, Body Double, Raising Cain. . . I’ve seen bits of Dressed to Kill, but not the whole thing. He’s definitely one of my many film-viewing blind spots.

  2. NEAR DARK blows the doors off of my AwesomeWagon every time I see it. To me it’s a perfect blend of pulp, melodrama, mod-horror and 80’s pastiche. Yeah. I used the word pastiche in a comment on a blog. Think about that. I haven’t seen Night Moves, but thanks to Bob Seger, I fear that I can’t enjoy the film by the same name in its’ entirety. Also, BODY DOUBLE rocks… in a completely “Holy crap, cocaine + Hitchcock’s corpse + 80’s Hollywood = YAAAY” kinda way.

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