Best movie of the year.  Granted, that doesn’t mean much this year, but it’s a surefire Best Picture nominee, as well as one of the best screenplays written in the last decade.  Complex and multi-layered, but I never found it confusing.  The way the (multiple) worlds are set up is clean and concise, and the execution of the last half of the film is damn near perfect, a masterclass in editing.  Inception is like James Bond meets geometry and they have a 3-way with Freud.

As I left, I heard a couple people say they were lost.  If you have ADD, forget it, just run outside and eat sugar.  If you can pay attention to things, AND you like guns and ‘splosions, this is the movie for you.  If you like intelligent, well-crafted storytelling, this is the film for you.  If you like people running around in M.C. Escheresque dreamscapes while dodging machine gun fire, THIS IS THE FILM FOR YOU.

The theater was hot as hell, and we were in the second row, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.  Inception is much better than Cats.  I’ll see it again and again.


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