Some Residual Thoughts On “Inception”


I talked about Inception earlier, but it’s sticking with me, so I figured I’d blather some more blahbity-blah:

  1. Smartest summer action movie ever made?  Considering my memory sucks, YES!
  2. This film makes Joseph Gordon-Levitt a leading man.  I really like the guy, even as he starred in blech like (500) Days Of Summer.   Anybody that does the “Make ‘Em Laugh” number from Singin’ In The Rain live on SNL immediately enters my good graces, and he reaches his full potential as an actor and action film star here.
  3. Speaking of me praising actors, I think it’s time to give Leonardo DiCaprio his due.  The guy has been in some fantastic films the last few years:  Catch Me If You Can, The Aviattor, The Departed, Shutter Island (okay maybe not fantastic but sure as hell fascinating) and now this.
  4. What does that final scene mean?

That’s all for now.  I just posted a column about “Laura” at  Enjoy, or don’t!


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