Movie Meanderings


Random thoughts from a day watching movies:

– The day started as I turned on Netflix & started to watch “Tokyo Story” by Yasujiro Ozu. It’s considered one of the greatest films ever made. I lasted 13 minutes before turning it off and resolving to watch it later. It kinda bums me out knowing that I’m simply not going to see all of the great films because I don’t have the patience. Same with “Lawrence of Arabia.”

– I turned off this classic of world cinema and turned on another one, John Carpenter’s “Escape From New York.” “Escape” was probably pretty badass in 1981. But holy hell, is it bad today. BAD.

For starters, Kurt Russell’s voice is hilarious. He does THE RASPY GROWWWLLLL Bale-in-Batman style, but his balls haven’t quite dropped yet, so it’s really nasally and silly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Kurt Russell fan, but his voice isn’t there yet. He’d get the voice right in later films, though. I’m guessing he heard himself in this and freaked out.

Ernest Borgnine’s in it too, acting all loopy.

– After going 0-for-2, I decided to rewatch something I knew I’d love, Burn After Reading, one of the Coens’ most underrated films. Darkly funny and vicious, I think this movie went over most people’s heads, because the suspenseful music caused the audience to think something would happen, but the events that occur are all a results of the characters’ boneheaded stupidity. The Coens have been accused of hating their characters, which I disagree with…save for maybe this film. It’s an intelligence/espionage thriller featuring characters with no intelligence or espionage skills. Because each person has their own self-absorbed motives at play, no one is able to communicate, and soon, people are getting shot in the face. I love Burn After Reading.

– I may write more about it later, but I’m still thinking about Seven Samurai after watching my blu-ray of it last week. A perfect film, one that belongs in the “greatest ever” discussion. Also, to paraphrase August Strindberg: the blu-ray transfer is retarded.


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