Some Rules For This Blog


While I wait for the domain to propagate, I wanted to post some ground rules if anybody ever comments here. (I don’t think they will. This is just in case.)


1. Your political views mean nothing to me. No matter what side you’re on, your* short-sighted, poorly written ideology is pure torture to endure. Therefore, I won’t. I hope to talk mainly about movies and sports stuff here. Many people on the internet are desperate to show off how good they are at memorizing talking points without adding any additional insight (in the name of freedom, of course); To those people I say, “Reading your thoughts is like pouring AIDS into my eyes.” Save your dumbass take on “The Issues” for your shitty Facebook feed, where you can savor the “LOL”s and “You said it”s from your retarded pals on your own wasted time. I plan on banning folks early and often; you’ve been warned.

* I feel pretty confident in using “your” in that sentence, as 95 percent of the political views on the Internet are pure shit.

2. I’m bad at feigning interest, so try and be interesting. I always enjoy discussing things, but they tend to devolve into not-that-funny riff-offs. I’m happy to riff on IM or Twitter with anybody, but I’d prefer to use the comments here to talk about stuff.

3. I would like it if you added me on Twitter. My Twitter account is here. If you were to add me, I would be pleased.

Okay, that’s it. I’m going to start posting more things next week. Hooray.


2 thoughts on “Some Rules For This Blog

  1. LeeRoyDiggler

    Hi I am LeeRoy. I like to both literally & figuratively throw tea bags out into the water to make salient points. I know 2 things fer a fact. 1. You aint takin’ my guns. 2. We can’t keep spendin’ like this! 3. Gran Torino is the finest talky moving picture show in the history of God’s America & I can’t wait to discuss it with you!

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