“We Still Be Doomed” By Bizrq Is The Album Of The Millennium


bizrqA man, a plan, a canal….A MASTERPIECE.

Bizrq’s “We Still Be Doomed” is the long-awaited sequel to their landmark debut “We Be Doomed”, which posited that the gadgets with which we’ve become dependent on in our daily lives will one day turn on us, starting a revolution that makes the La Paz Revolution of 1809 seem like a jaunty picnic. In this amazing follow-up, Bizrq takes the vital ideas found in WBD and expands on them with a swagger acquired from years of perfecting their craft.

Bizrq’s love/hate relationship with the machines in our lives is illustrated in the push-pull dynamics of their compositions, with analog and digital modes swirling in a miasmic stew. This may be the rare concept album in which the concept is illustrated *within the music itself.* “We Still Be Doomed” makes “Pet Sounds” sound as hasty and poorly thought-out as the latest Ke$ha single.

If I were to compare this to any other work of art, I would not choose music but rather David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest”. Both are sprawling tomes bursting with ideas and a deep sense of morality vis a vis man’s place in the universal firmament. The only difference is that Bizrq will make you dance.

And the humor! Walter Cornish, Anundson’s beloved creation last heard on the late, lamented Mangy Dog Radio Hour Whoopdee-Doo (which you can find at comedypodcast.com) provides a warm, soothing presence. Cornish’s gentle good humor adds a significant layer of depth to the already-proven Bizrq formula, leading to a moving climax that left this reviewer devastated. Yes, Dear Reader, I learned that I, in fact, can cry.

Witty, fun, exuberant, thrilling, smart, joyous and funky as all hell, “We Still Be Doomed” by Bizrq has swooped in on the last week of the year to be, easily, the best CD of 2012. Buy 4 copies and hand them out to strangers. YOU WILL BE CHANGING LIVES.

You can buy “We Still Be Doomed” at Bizrq.bandcamp.com


2 thoughts on ““We Still Be Doomed” By Bizrq Is The Album Of The Millennium

  1. Wade Dye

    This review encapsulates everything that is good about humanity, and it is a fitting accompaniment to WBD II, along with a good bottle of merlot and and large box of tissues.

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